Why don't you use a bucket and squeegee? What are these long poles?

When cleaning residential and commercial properties, we use a water fed pole system, rather than using a traditional bucket and squeegee. This means that we can guarentee that your windows are as clean as they can possibly be, as we will be using clean, pure water at all times. 

Water fed poles are a relatively new technology and has revolutionised the way that window cleaners work. Gone is the traditional window cleaning image – in its place is a high tech, lightweight and high-reaching pole which allows us to use pure, filtered water on your windows using a specially designed bristle brush..

So why do we choose to use this system? Pure water is much better for your windows than ordinary tap water as it will dry completely clear, rather than leaving drips and water marks if not dried thoroughly. This is particularly important in hard-water areas such as Ipswich.

The extendable poles also means that we can reach higher areas without the need for climbing ladders - they can reach up to 50 foot, meaning that we can clean your windows even if you live in a top floor flat!

A.D.A. Windows use water fed poles when we work as your window cleaner in Ipswich