Carry on cleaning (your windows)...

One thing we are often asked by our customers is why should we bother cleaning our windows as we approach winter? Surely they'll just get dirty again as soon as it rains?

Well exactly! The winter months is your windows need the most amount of attention - as well as the residue of spider season (ewww), your windows will get dirtier due to rain, leaves, as well as mud splatters if you live in an urban area.

Taking regular care of your windows all year round will not only protect your windows from any unwanted cracks caused by freezing cold weather but it will also keep your home looking in pristine condition.

Speaking of the winter months, Dan Dawson said; "We would really recommend sticking with your regular window cleaning schedule throughout the winter as it is definitely the time when they are at their dirtiest. I work all year round - the only time weather will stop me is if it is heavy rain or wind."

So if you're interested in receiving a no-obligation quote for your window cleaning needs, please get in touch with us. Don't forget to read our customer reviews and if you work for Ipswich Hospital, you'll love to hear about our exclusive 20% staff discount offer!

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